A working holiday lined up to Newcastle

In two weeks time, I’ll be off to Newcastle, with a stop off in Nottingham, for a working holiday. It’s more to do with the photography, rather than the cine film to DVD transfer, but I’m killing two birds with one stone, since I haven’t had a holiday in about 3 years now.

I’ll be out of the office between the 20th – 24th June, but you can still send things through to me, since there will be someone there who can sign for packages and deal with enquiries.

I’ve never been to Newcastle before, so I’m looking forward seeing the sights, in between the work.

In the mean time, I have plenty to crack on with, there’s plenty of cine film to DVD to carry on with and I have music video to edit for a local art group of adults with learning difficulties.

They don’t make them like that any more

Good morning.

I’ve been rather busy of late with cine film and more specifically, 9.5mm cine film.

9.5mm cine film

Sorry the photo isn’t great, but look, it’s still got the little hand turned handle on it. :) How cute is that? In this day and age, where pretty much everything is automated, back in the day, you had to work to show movies.

I remember dad telling me his first ever projector was a hand turned one. Most projectors are automated now, but it’s nice to see a bit of nostalgia. A fiver says the projector that was first shown on is still running!

Right, I have a lot of cine film to transfer on to DVD today, so I’m off to the office.

How to repair Standard 8mm cine film

I’ve been splicing cine film since I was about 5 as I remember, or as dad used to tell me. It’s a simple thing really, you do need a good splicer and you do need film cement. I have used tape in the past, but I find that most (not all) tape repairs do tend to break with age, where the film cement that doesn’t.

Now, in the past, I’ve had to repair a few films, they are generally OK, but I have it now and then, today was one, I had several repairs (which I don’t charge for btw). The worst I’ve ever seen was someone who had stapled the film together, yes, this very thin film, that needs to run through a projector, stapled together! Fortunately I’ve only ever seen it once. Still makes me laugh though.

If you have films and you’re not sure of the quality of the film, please don’t worry, I can help out, the repair is a quick and simple fix. I know chances are you aren’t going to play the films again, but if you do, they will glide through the projector like a hot knife through butter. :)

16mm cine film splice

16mm cine film splice

Home movies on to DVD, home movies, not TV movies

Today, I’m putting a lot of video on to DVD (I’m due some cine film in), now, with the video to DVD, I only charge for the footage you have.

For example. The transfer I have in at the moment, was 25 VHS-C tapes, timing from 30 to 45 minutes. Some of the tapes have only had 5 minutes on them…I don’t charge per tape, but for the 5 minutes. So, at the moment, the tapes are 30, 15, 30, 10, 15 mins etc. If I was charging for the tapes, it would have been over £180, but since it’s only the footage, it’s actually £110.

Some companies charge per tape, I charge only for the footage you have, because I’m nice like that.

Matthew's Birthday

Matthew’s Birthday

Also, I only transfer your home movies, not movies from the TV.

Stephen King’s Christine

I remember watching the movie Stephen King’s Christine way before I should have. I don’t think dad knew I had seen it, but it did scare me. I mention it today, since my car is in for it’s MOT.

Now, my car isn’t Christine, but I did have to walk from the local garage to work, which was a few miles and I had to cross the A303! So it was like the car was trying to kill me, lol.

Killer car!

I’m now at the office, Standard 8mm being transfered to DVD. I have post to go today, but I’m having to wait to see about the car, so it might be tomorrow now before I can get there.

A coupe of other things while I’m here.

I know I can’t going on about up dating the blog, but I just wish there was more to say. I’m sure people would get bored if I just kept writing, today I put cine film on to DVD, tomorrow, I have cine film to put on to DVD, the day after…you get the idea. Not much ‘exciting’ happens in the world of cine film to DVD transfers.

And I was also asked about my mailing list. Unfortunately, I don’t have one, pretty much for the above reason, there’s just not much to say! I do try to keep the blog up dated, just to let everyone know I’m still here and still busy.

What’s the best way to repair Super 8mm cine film?

You know that cold that’s been going around…I’ve had that. So, I’m a little behind at the moment, but everyone has been told and updated on the status of their cine film to DVD transfers.

I seem to have been getting a lot of locals in of late, friends and friends and people who know people. It is nice to talk to people when they come in. I think it’s nice for customers as well, because you’re talking to the person who will be cleaning and repairing your cine film and then transferring it to DVD. It’s not being passed on to someone else, who’s in training, who doesn’t ‘know’ cine film.

I mean, I guess I still am in training, since I don’t claim to know everything about cine film, but I have been working with it since I was about 5 years old. There are still things that I learn about now, but I’ve pretty much seen everything. The one that really sticks out is the cine film that was repaired with staples! Yes, someone stapled the cine film back together!

Now a days, the cine film is a little more cared for. Right I’m off to the office.

70 years ago today…

I don’t like to apologise for not posting, but I’m going to have too. I’ve been so busy since before the holidays.

Usually, January is a nice and relaxed month, but this January isn’t. I’ve got a lot on, including a wedding with Roger Underwood.

I’ve made the effort to blog today, to remind everyone that I’m still here, I’m still working, I’m still transferring cine film to DVD.

But also, since it’s the 7th January. Today would have been dad’s 70th birthday. Tbh, being so busy, I almost forgot, until mum reminded me this morning. I do miss dad, but it’s a bit different this time, I think because of Star Wars.

I did see Star Wars The Force Awakens and, when people asked me what it was like, I always reply ‘Emotional!’. For a number of reasons, but mainly, because it’s one of my first memories. Dad had the 400ft Super 8mm version, of the attack on the Death Star. Dad told me my eyes were as wide as plates and I would cheer as it blew up! We would sit and watch movies and talk about them over and over. Watching The Force Awakens, I know dad would have loved it. We would have talked and talked about it.

I’m proud to say Aarchive Films, dads legacy to me, is still up and running and doing well. Below is one of my favourite photos of him. He was very loved, very funny and always wore a tie…even to the beach!

Dad - 1987

Dad – 1987

I will try to post more, when I get the odd 5 minutes. In the mean time, it’s now 9pm on a Thursday and I have a bury day tomorrow. TTFN

A few days off, well, a few days recovery

It’s the worst timing, but I have to go to hospital for an operation on my shoulder. It’s nothing serious, it’s to remove a ‘fatty build up’ I’ve had for a while.

As I say, the timing is not great, I’ve got a fair amount of work on at the moment and I need a couple of days recovery. I am still on track to have all cine film to DVD transfers finished before the holiday, but I am going to have to say, any new transfers that come in may not be completed before the 25th!

I have spoken to a couple of people who are happy to wait until have the new year, so it’s just to let everyone know. And also, thank you for the well wishes.

Pre-war footage this morning

AS I’ve said before, I don’t look forward to 9.5mm cine film to DVD transfers.

9.5mm is fiddly, it’s not the easiest thing to repair if needed and, with the sprocket holes down the middle, I’m never 100% it’s going through the projector correctly. You’d think after 30 years I would be, but it’s just one of those things.

On the plus side, I get to use dads old projector he left me.

9.5mm cine projector

9.5mm cine projector

Dad had this projector before I was born. I have mentioned before, it’s had a bit of re-wiring and electronic upgrades, but it’s still the same machine. Built to last!

Right, that’s enough nostalgia for a Monday morning. I need to crack on.

Rabid – well, not that bad, but I’m not well

I’ve had the dreaded manflu this weekend. It’s not like the normal flu, it’s much, much worse, but I think I’ll survive.

I will be in the office today, just to update customers on cine film to DVD transfers and I have some DVD productions to get in the post. I am a little behind at on cine to DVD at the moment, but only by a day or so…I can guarantee everything for the holidays, if you’re thinking of having your home movies on DVD for present.

And speaking of the holidays, I am in a bit of a pickle due to some time off. Ever Star Wars movie has been released in May (apart from The Phantom Menace which was in July in 1999 (to be pedantic about it)), but now Disney has taken over the franchise, the new Star Wars movie – The Force Awakens is being released in December! This, for me, is a bit of a pickle, since December is usually my busiest month of the year.

Yes, I am taking time off to see the movie, I will be seeing it in Plymouth, with my good friend, since we have a tradition of seeing all Star Wars movies together. I will be killing two birds with one stone though, I have a lot of cine film to drop off and collect at the same time, but on 17th Dec, I will be at the cinema, watching a new Star Wars movie, something I thought would never happen. To say I’m excited would be an understatement.

Star Wars The Force Awakens

Star Wars The Force Awakens

In the mean time, I have to get the projector warmed up and I have some cine film to clean this morning, so TTFN.