Dock in the Hamoaze

Cover of Dock in the Hamoaze

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DVD - mostly B/W images - 65 minutes
Exempt from classification

A unique collection of archive film footage from 1907, plus rare photographs and slides, tells the story of the development of Devonport and its dockyard from 1691 to 1971. The film includes a series of visuals of famous ships associated with the dock and takes us back to 1907 to see the launching of HMS Lion, which became the flagship of Admiral Beaty during the 1st World War. It’s all here, including the launching of HMS Plymouth and the sea trials of HMS Scylla. Most of this visual material is now available for the very first time on video.

The film also tells of the great dockyard fires, the execution cell and unique moving images of the workforce in action at the height of the yard’s activity. Also included is a record of the last passenger train service.

Written by Reg Blackett
Narrated by Gerald & Roger Lilley
Technical Manager: Phil Lilley
Post Production: Roger Underwood
With thanks to Plymouth Naval Base Museum and Plymouth City Central Library.
Released through Aarchive Film Productions

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